If You Ignore Estimated Tax Payments You’ll Owe the IRS-Look at the Letter in your Portal at www.Robinsonburnett.com     (Please note that your Estimated Tax Payment recommendations are included with your tax return documents that were uploaded to your portal in the current year.) Hi Clients and fellow taxpayers, Without a doubt the question… Read More

There are so many forms of self-employment – but whether you’re in network marketing, direct selling, multi-level marketing (MLM), an independant contractor or own an LLC – tax season can feel like a daunting time. While there is freedom and flexibility in self-employment, there is also the sole responsibility of paying taxes. According to the IRS,… Read More

As an independent contractor, filing your annual taxes may be overwhelming and confusing. What business activities are considered tax deductions? What is considered a deduction? Oftentimes, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) professionals look for tax preparation services to ensure they are working with a professional that minimizes their MLM taxes. In hopes of eliminating confusion, we’ve compiled a… Read More